DUNST GmbH Maschinenbau
für die Draht- und Kabelindustri
Wiener Strasse 56
A-7540 Güssing
Tel.: +43 3322 44 629
Fax: +43 3322 44 629 - 20
Contact: Hans Dunst

Dunst is a privately held Ldt. Company registered in Austria (GmbH) with production facilities in 3 locations employing more than 90 people on a factory floor of 7000m². Founded in 1996 by Mr. Hans Dunst he is owner and General Manager of the company.

Our mission is to satisfy customers, continually improve quality and ensure positive growth. Take responsibility for technological leadership in process engineering, design, manufacturing, implementation and service for our global customers.

Since Dunst began business operation, the company has set standards in optimizing existing designs of stranding and extrusion processes not only for the cable industry, but also for very specialized applications for other industries.


  • Complete Cable and Steel Rope production lines
  • Stranding machines: Single twist /double twist machines, tubular strander, SZ stranding machines, tape lapper
  • Binding Heads (Single, Cross and Cevlar Binding Heads),
  • Components: Extruder ( horizontal, vertical)
  • Pay-offs, take-ups, Double reeler, cooling through, accumulators (horizontal/vertical),
  • Line control systems, up-grading, electrical equipment
  • Production Lines for :data cable, coaxial cable, automotive wires, power cable
  • Engineering of complete cable factories
  • We offer as well special solutions