EBNER Industrieofenbau GmbH
Ebner-Platz 1
4060 Leonding

Telefon: +43-732-6868-0
Fax: +43-732-6868-1000
Ansprechpartner: Mag. R. Ebner
E-Mail: gev@ebner.cc
Internet: http://www.ebner.cc

EBNER-Industrieofenbau, founded in 1948, designs and fabricates industrial furnaces for the steel, copper-base metal and aluminium industries. The HICON/H2® annealing technology developed by EBNER offers significant advantages in heat treating metal wire.

The use of hydrogen as process atmosphere plus a powerful atmosphere circulation system achieves conditions which support optimal heat transfer with the purest process atmosphere. The cleanest wire surface finish and the most uniform mechanical properties are thereby achieved – these being the most important characteristics for further wire processing. The advantages, along with increased annealing capacity and reduced unit consumption levels provide improved quality and higher productivity.

The range of applications of the HICON/H2® bell annealer covers basic, spheroidize and recrystallize anneals for low-carbon and high-carbon steel wire with round, flat or profile cross sections, up to high-alloy grades such as Cr-steels and NiFe alloy. This range of applications also includes recrystallize anneals and anneals to temper copper-base metals and special alloys.

Besides heat treatment equipment, EBNER also supplies the necessary electrical and electronic equipment for controlling and visualizing the facility, right up to the process control system and the associated atmosphere systems and charging aids. In addition, EBNER offers prospective customers the possibility to find out more about the advantages of HICON/H2® annealing technology with the help of full production charge anneals.