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EDER Engineering GmbH/Ltd. (EEG) - Vienna/AUSTRIA

Only good die-tools draw good wire and ensure an optimal economy in every wire drawing mill and cable plant.

EDER-Austria , with more than 95 % export quota is a worldwide acknowledged specialist and leader in the field of advanced die-tool processing technology and equipment and thus a " global player" in supplying to the international wire- and cable industry.

Reconditioning drawing dies on a regular basis is essential to the production of consistently high quality wire. It enables longer uninterrupted wire drawing processes, improved performances and distinctly higher tonnages of drawn wire.

EDER-Austria, with over 70 years of experience in this special field, offers highly efficient standard-, semi-automatic- and fully automatic machines for both the reconditioning and production of ultrahard precision die-tools made from tungsten carbide, natural diamond and synth. PCD.

We supply single, individual machines to upgrade already existing lines, complete die-tool reconditioning workshops and production lines, besides of any kind of required Software/Know How/Technical Assistance, all in state-of-the-art technology and with the following outstanding advantages :

  • designed on the basis of 60 years of experience
  • absolutely praxis-oriented, tuned to customers´specific needs.
  • very easy to understand and operate
  • high degree of automation ensured - even on Standard units.
  • Human labour requirements are down to a mere minimum
  • Highest possible efficiency / universal flexibility and application
  • High quality conceptions - granting low maintenance requirements.
  • and Longevity
  • Excellent ratio of price to efficiency - potential - usability
  • Fast return of investment granted.

It is time to consult over 60 years experience of reconditioning and production of ultrahard precision die-tools and to refer to:

EDER Engineering GmbH/Ltd.
Peter-Jordan-Straße 12/3
A-1190 Vienna/AUSTRIA - EUROPE
Tel.: ++43-1-367 49 49-13
Fax: ++43-1-367 49 49-49
E-mail : office@eder-eng.com
www. eder-eng.com