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A-1190 Wien
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Contact: Ing. Rudolf Schrayvogel

For many years GRILLER & Co has been recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of insulation machines in the world. The range of machines manufactured cover production of winding wires, take-up and pay-off, rewinding units, equipment for the cable and wire industry, as well as tinning units. In close co-operation with our associate company, GEBAUER & GRILLER, in service high quality equipment is designed and built to our customers requirements.

To meet the very high demands of quality and production, our machines incorporate the most advanced and up to date technology. By employing these criteria we can fulfil all the requirements of our customers.

Quality, productivity and machine flexibility are the key factors of GRILLER & Co equipment. In addition to providing‚ state of the art' equipment, we can also assist with the required know-how for winding wires production. A training programme, which also embraces training on the machines, is available too.

The product range includes:

1. Insulating machines for winding wires production:

  • Polyimide insulating and sintering machines
  • Paper, Nomex and mica taping machines
  • Mixed yarn insulating machines
  • Glassfibre insulating and impregnating machines

2. Machines for the cable industry:

  • Take up's
  • Pay-off's
  • Rewinding units
  • Coilers
  • Multi-take up's for annealing units
  • Dancers
  • Soapstone machines

3. Special machines:

  • High speed vacuum inert gas tinning units
  • Cleaning devices for copper strips
  • Cutting devices for copper strips

In particular we would draw the attention to our Polyimide insulating and sintering machines. Through close co-operation with the production plant of GEBAUER & GRILLER, we have succeeded in processing the most expensive and best insulating material to the highest quality that our customers rely upon.

GRILLER & Co equipment is manufactured in line with our customers requirements. Reliability in operation is guaranteed. Our international sales department offers the best advise and service to our customers' worldwide.