The "AWCMA" (German language title "VOEDKM") has been established in Vienna in 1988. At present, the AWCMA presently consists of 20 member companies. Their regular efforts and commitment to continuous research and development, combined with intensive marketing initiatives abroad have effected for many years now a reputation as trend-setters, when it comes to introducing advanced production methods, the latest technology machinery and reliable equipment for the production of wire, cable and wire products. No wonder that this has led to an average rate of export of not less but 90% and more with AWCMA member companies.

The main aim of the "AWCMA" and of this multilingual catalogue simply is to make YOU more familiar with latest technical achievements of Austrian Engineering for the international wire- & cable industries.

In case of your specific interest, please contact the member company concerned directly - e.g. by means of the enclosed postcards - or via the AWCMA office.

As your partners with solutions and visions for the 21st century, all AWCMA-member companies will continue to intensify their efforts to serve our international customers best possible and with a leading standard of technology, "made in Austria".

AWCMA/VOEDKM, is a founder member of the international roof-association, "IWCEA" and acts as a non-profit oriented organisation.

The "EXECUTIVES" of the AWCMA are elected biannually and at present are holding the following offices:

Relations Officer:

Mr. Dr. Kurt G. EDER / EDER Engineering GmbH - Vienna (acting office)
Mr. Mag. Robert EBNER / EBNER Industrieofenbau - Linz
Mr. Mag. Werner LICHTSCHEIDL / Medek & Schörner - Vienna
Mr. Ing. Siegfried ALTMANN / Rosendahl GmbH

Our world is moving closer and closer each day towards both a global economy and a better social understanding. This movement, at a considerable part, was brought about by advances in nowadays available telecommunication technologies, instantaneous relaying of print, voice and visual communication, from any part of the world to every other part of our globe.

The Austrian Wire and Cable Machinery Manufacturers, "AWCMA", are proud of having been able to play an important part in this positive "Shrinking of our globe", by offering suitable technological wire and cable processing infrastructures world-wide.

A wide scope of latest technology machines and reliable equipment of outstanding potential, since long has created a leading position of the AWCMA member companies in the field of production techniques (soft- and hardware) for the international wire and cable manufacturing industries.

All AWCMA member companies are continuously involved in that kind of out-standing research and development, making them the first choice when it is to find your best partner in introducing latest production methods throughout the world of manufacturing wire & cables.

As President of the AWCMA/VOEDKM, representing all major Austrian experts in this field of technology, I am convinced that this substantial catalogue will suitably demonstrate you the leading standard of advanced wire and cable production equipment and technologies "made in Austria".

We are standing by to be at your best possible service as your regular and reliable partners with ideal solutions for your needs.


Dr. Kurt G. EDER,
President of the AWCMA/VOEDKM
Vice-President of the IWCEA
EDER Engineering GMBH/Ltd.