Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KG
Werkstrasse 2
A-4860 Lenzing
Tel.: +43 7672 701-3794
Fax: +43 7672 918-3794
Contact: Ing. Gerald Hofer
E-Mail: g.hofer@lenzing.com
Internet: http://www.lenzing.com

Lenzing provides films for cables the world over

For more than three decades Lenzing Plastics has specialised in the production of plastic films and tapes. 330 employees ensure a total extrusion performance of 15,000 tons per annum.

Cables with Lenzing cable films are used in many different kinds of products all over the world. They are tailor-made to suit specific applications and satisfy the highest possible requirements. Most high quality cables contain a Lenzing cable film. And we are justly proud of this fact.


Polypropylene film foamed
Density: 0,5 g/cm3

Polypropylene film foamed, embossed
Density: 0,5 g/cm3

Polypropylene film foamed, soft
Density: 0,6 g/cm3

Polypropylene film solid
Density: 0,9 g/cm3

Cable identification tape
In all usual standard colours

Cable identification tape printed
Printed with letters, figures or in two colours

Fibrillated and foamed

Polytetrafluorethylen film skived
High temperature resistant up to 300°C
Density: 2,14 g/cm3

Polytetrafluorethylene film unsintered
Density: 1,6 g/cm3

Polytetrafluorethylene film low density
Density: 0,7 g/cm3

Al/PETP, Al/PETP/Al, Al/PVC, Al/Papier

Further information you find in our prospect
"films for the cable industry"