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MAG's leading position in the magnet wire market is characterized by over 50 years of strong commitment.


With the production of special machinery for the magnet wire and wire processing industry, we facilitate trouble-free and profitable production for our customers.

We are going to ensure our leading role in technology through basic research and development of new, innovative products and to increase our leading edge through future-oriented thinking with consideration for ecological, economic and social values.

Our business activities are geared to achieve extraordinary results for our customers and thereby to continuousley increase the corporate value of MAG.

We offer our staff on-going further training and the opportunity to achieve corporate objectives in a team-oriented, creative environment on the basis of a high level of responsibility for one's own work.


The Range of Horizontal Machines

MAG was the first supplier to cover the entire range of horizontal machines. The HF series follows this tradition. MAG has the right machine for every diameter and for every product requirement: from ultrafine wire for micro-electronics to medium heavy wire for motors or compressors.Product TypesPU, PU + Ny, PE, PE + Ny, PE + AI, PEI, PEI + AI, PEI + PA, PEI + AI + PA and more Conductor Materialscopper, aluminum, brass and more

The Range of Vertical Machines

The VF series covers the entire diameter range of round wire and rectangular wire. Enamelled wire can be produced faster, more reliably and in better quality. Its application ranges from medium sizes for chokes to big rectangular wire for transformers.Product TypesPVA, PU, PU + Ny, PE, PE + Ny, PE + AI, PEI, PEI + AI, PEI + PA, PEI + AI + PA and moreConductor Materialscopper, aluminum and moreThe new HF and VF series - MAG's reaction to market trends

The new HF and VF series – MAG’s reaction to market trends The new HF and VF series are impressive with properties such as highest speeds, reliability and user-friendly operation.

The main focus of the new design is on the single-line concept. It makes independent operation and control of each individual line possible, which results in high process stability linked to increases in productivity due to reduced downtime. The units can be flexibly combined with each other and make operation as stand-alone units possible.


  • Highest Speeds
    At the moment MAG's HF- and VF-series offer the highest speed available on the market. In the last four years the speed of MAG equipment has increased fivefold.

  • Well-Proven Technology
    MAG equipment has given proof of its reliability.
    Worldwide more than 33.000 MAG lines have been installed.
  • Lowest Emissions
  • Expert process knowledge contributes to the low energy
    consumption of MAG's equipment.
  • Profitable
    Highest speed, short downtimes and the ease of operation make MAG equipment a long-term investment with a high return.