Schachen 57, P.O. Box 42
A-8212 Pischelsdorf
Tel.: +43-3113-5100-201
Fax: +43-3113-5100-59
Contact: Ing. G. Jakopic

Company History

Rosendahl was founded in 1959.

In 1965 the company was already able to supply it’s first Extrusion Line – and since then Rosendahl has continuously been processing new technological developments.

In 1997, Rosendahl became a member of the globally active Knill Group.

Company Profile

Rosendahl is a world leading turnkey solutions provider for the global cable and fiber industry. The expertise of Rosendahl is used in:

  • Complete support for consulting
  • Turn-key projects
  • R&D
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • control and software systems
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Staff training and maintenance
  • Upgrading and online services

Competencies & Products

Rosendahl has four core competencies to focus on. These competencies are:

  • Extrusion
  • SZ-Stranding
  • Corrugation – Metall Tape Forming & Welding
  • Optical Fiber

Out of these competencies Rosendahl developed its product segments.

The first product segment is Power Cable. Rosendahl manufactures a wide range of Insulation lines for various conductors and materials.

The second segment is Automotive Wire, Rosendahl provides Insulation lines for single conductors and battery cables as well as Insulation lines for Flat Flexible Cables. In addition Rosendahl is engaged in Jacketing lines for multi-conductors and shielded elements.

The third segment is Fiber Optic Cable, the product portfolio of Rosendahl contains.

Fiber colouring and ribbon lines, SZ Stranding lines with inline jelly filling and Mechanical and optical measuring & test equipment.

The fourth product segment is Lan Cable. Rosendahl manufactures Insulation lines for solid, chemical and physical foamed conductors (PE, PP) and Insulation lines for high temperature applications.

The fifth product segment is Coaxial Cables for which Rosendahl provides Insulation lines for physical & chemical foamed mini-coax and CATV products, as well as Forming, Welding & Corrugation lines and Jacketing lines.

Rosendahl’s most recent completion of its product portfolio is the Crosshead Series. Rosendahl provides cross heads for Insulation/Jacketing applications suitable for processing various materials.

Customer Focus

One major focus in correlation with the steady technological development is the customer satisfaction which is key to Rosendahl’s success.