Maschinenbau- und Handels- GmbH
Josef-Österrreicher-Gasse 35
A-1230 Wien
Tel.: +43-1-33255-10
Fax: +43-1-33255-15
Contact: DI. Bernd Klein
E-Mail: office@unitek.at
Internet: http://www.unitek.at

Wires and cables are the arteries of todays world, transporting her lifeblood -energy and communication. For the manufacture of these arteries, UNITEKsupplies the most modern and advanced equipment to companies all over the globe.

UNITEK rigorously pursues a strategy of highest quality and precision, coupled with continued research in house and jointly with internationally leading institutes.

The performance of the resulting products places UNITEK customers at the cutting edge of cable making technology.

Production range:

  • Extrusions crossheads for single, double or triple layer extrusion as well as crossheads for coating immediatly after SZ-strander
  • Extrusion crossheads for high performance fluoro extrusion.
  • Tooling for all applications, fixed centred, in steel, hard metal, diamond or ceramics
  • Automatic bypass units for crossheads
  • Adapters and adjustments for all extruder 
  • Automatic colour change systems and layer change systems for flying colour change
  • Crosshead change systems 
  • Cleaning systems
  • Co-Extruder
  • Complete packages for customised solutions of manufacturing problems.