voestalpine Wire Rod Austria GmbH
Bahnhofstr. 2
A-8600 Bruck a.d. Mur
Tel.: +43-50304-22240
Fax: +43-50304-621240
Contact: DI.(FH) Rupert Hatz
E-Mail: rupert.hatz@voestalpine.com
Internet: http://www.voestalpine.com/austriadraht


The challenge lies in the material

Wire is a versatile product and from this versatility, voestalpine AUSTRIA DRAHT GmbH has developed its special strengths. We are a partner of the automotive and construction subsupply industries and fastening technology sector.

Our extensive know-how and market developments form the basis of increasing customer benefits. Our company philosophy comprises the total integration of our products and services into the worldof our customers.

voestalpine AUSTRIA DRAHT GmbH is a synonym for quality, flexibility, reliability and problem solving competence. We are well aware of our tasks as a supplier of materials and we know the standards by which we are assessed. Anything that assists in the economic and practical realisation of customer product ideas is positive, as are all measures aimed at ensuring optimum results during further processing.

For us, both approaches add up to a matter of priority. 


As a wire specialist with long experience, voestalpine AUSTRIA DRAHT GmbH is able to demonstrate its competence on a broad basis. The products in our range match a wealth of applications and the most stringent demands.

For us the fulfilment of special requirements represents a special challenge.

We supply:

  • Wire rod rolled, annealed and surface treated with diameters from 5 - 32 mm, for the production of 
  • Cold heading and cold extrusion wires
  • Filler welding materials
  • Chains
  • Steel cord
  • Springs
  • Roller bearings
  • and the following steel grades
  • Concrete reinforcement
  • Unalloyed for drawing
  • Prestressing steels
  • Cold working steels
  • Case hardening and heat treatable steels
  • Cold drawn wires bright and annealed
  • Cold heading and cold extrusion wires
  • Wires in plating quality
  • Lightning conductors
  • Spring steel wires, rope wires
  • Special wires
  • Shaped wires
  • Prestressing steel
  • 7 - wire strands with very low relaxation
  • 7 - wire compacted strands
  • 7 - wire (compacted) strands greased with plastic sheathing for unbonded tendons
  • Wires with smooth or indented surfaces
  • Galvanised prestressing wires and strands