Leading technologies for the production of wires and cables, made in Austria:

As President of the "AWCMA" (VOEDKM), may I welcome you at this comprehensive virtual presentation of our collegially structured Austrian Wire- and Cable Machinery Manufacturers Association. It consists of those members only, offering outstanding high-tech production hard- and software to the international wire- and cable manufacturing industries worldwide.

The main aim of the "AWCMA" simply is to make YOU more familiar with latest technical achievements of our relevant Austrian Engineering, being active in the field of state-of-the-art production machinery and technology for the up-to-date manufacture of wires and cables.

Subsequently you will find additional information on both the composition and targets of our association, as well as on the individual member companies and on their special interesting range of products and versatile supplies.

Should you require any further information or details, please refer to our association s office at any time, or to the relevant member-company directly. In most cases you will moreover find a direct link to our members individual homepages for more detailed information too.

May we thank you for your kind visit at this virtual presentation and for your interest in our leading technologies, made in Austria, allowing you to produce any kind of wires and cables in top-quality and most economically at any time.


Dr. Kurt Eder
President of the AWCMA/VOEDKM
Vice-President of the IWCEA
EDER Engineering GMBH/Ltd.